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The BECHAMEL SAUCE of this food recipe is ideal for its consistency to use as a sauce, but if you want it to be lighter (light béchamel) or thicker (cream of béchamel) you just have to change the quantities of flour and butter while maintaining the liter of milk.

This meal recipe is a very versatile sauce, which admits many variations but which has a couple of drawbacks (lumps and the taste of raw flour) easy to solve. You will see that you can make an easy bechamel, without lumps and with all the flavor, without further complications.


– 1 liter of milk
– 60 grams of butter
– 60 grams of wheat flour
– Nutmeg
– Salt


1 – Sift the flour.

2 – Put in a saucepan to heat the milk.

3 – In another saucepan melt the butter over low heat.

4 – When it is melted add the flour and let it cook. If you leave it for a short time, the bechamel will taste like raw flour, so it is important to let the flour take some color, but without browning or burning it.

5 – Now stir well with a wooden spatula or stick, the flour with the butter until the mixture detaches from the walls.

6 – When the milk is boiling, pour it over the mixture and remove from the heat.

7 – Now touch stir constantly until the lumps disappear from the bechamel. Then cook over medium-low heat for about 1 5 minutes.

8 – Just leave a pinch of salt and grate a bit of nutmeg on the bechamel.

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