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Know everything that «Miami Fitness» has to get you in shape this 2021.

It is no coincidence that the most popular fit girls on instagram have chosen Miami as their new home, the first to leave their land in 2012 to move to Miami was the Venezuelan, bodybuilder Michelle Lewin, (13 million followers), in 2018 year Sascha Barboza, (athlean x full body) better known as Sascha fitness (4,2 million followers) moved to the city because his fitness supplement company would be based in Miami and for other reasons. The brazilian Alice Matos (1,9 million followers)and the colombian Ariana James (1,2 million followers) they were among the first to arrive. Last year they were joined by our champion in the Bikini Fitness category, the Argentine Romina Bass (108 thousand).

WORLD FITNESS CAPITAL. «What happens is that in most of our countries it is difficult to get so much variety of supplementation, training in gyms with the latest technology devices, elevation gym miami or access elite trainers like those of les mills body balance. The good news is that in Miami you find all that together and more, it is the opportunity to be lifetime fitness miami. People usually attend several gym and different classes to achieve a workout full body great, although they also know and practice the best single exercise for total body. «What in other places would be a luxury, here is the usual», explains the Venezuelan Morella Potolicchio Villalba (@morellafitness), sixth in the world ranking in Bikini Elite.

The value? import US $ 421, the month. Yes, it is expensive even for them. But after analyzing the benefits, it is known that it is worth it, because it would be more than a gym: in addition to the super machines and classes they have, they also offer a babysitting service for customers who have children, VIP access to concerts and museums, a spa, a 100% fit bar and even an exclusive clothing store. It is not allowed to pay per day.


And he assures: «I think the main reason is because the people who live here have to have a beach body all year long. People take great care of themselves and everyone wants to be fit every weekend. It is not just a season. «.

Combining Miami Fitness it’s perfect: gyms with more gadgets than games at world disney, first-rate trainers, a bike-friendly city, heavenly beaches to recover from, hundreds of healthy restaurants and the number one organic supermarket chain in the world. Whole Foods, of course. 

WORKOUT TIME. The real problem with doing physical training in Miami lies in deciding on just one gym or class. The range of proposals is so wide that we could spend months testing all kinds of training. America’s undisputed luxury chain is called Equinox, and it has branches across the country.

«Our goal is for athletes to have the best machines in the world so they can get the most out of each session».Membership is worth US $ 129 per month and includes classes in speaker, HIIT and cycling. If you want to do weights only, US $ 79″. And we also have a pass per day at US $ 20 that all tourists use «, clarifies this fit businesswoman. Another of the gyms that I recommend is Push PTS in Coral Gables since both the owner and most of the personal trainers are Argentine.